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Formed in 2017, Halcyon Wander is a hard rock act from Minneapolis, MN.  From the very beginning, Halcyon set out with one goal in mind: using their music as a catalyst to spread a message of hope and healing in an atmosphere that often promotes and glorifies the opposite.


Releasing their debut music video Novaturient in February of 2017, Halcyon Wander quickly followed with a full-length release by the same name in May of 2017.  Over the summer of 2017, Halcyon also released music videos for Empty Is Insight as well as a collaboration with vocalist Jonny LaDuke of In Search Of Solace for their song What Unites Us.  Amidst headlining shows at local venues including The Edge and The Garage, in early 2018 Halcyon released a music video for their acoustic cover of Sleepless by Thousand Below.  In April of 2018, Halcyon Wander also released a music video for their newest single, War Like This.


Recently, Halcyon Wander had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN to showcase in front a panel industry professionals which landed them the opportunity to perform on The Extreme Tour in August 2018 and work alongside RSK Music Group in September.

Halcyon Wander show no signs of slowing down as they continue to write music, with plans to enter the studio in late 2018/early 2019 to create their sophomore EP and embark on several tours over the course of 2019.

"Halcyon Wander took the stage next and I was instantly captivated by their performance. Think Being as an Ocean meets a bit of Hotel Books with a whole lot of Underoath energy and you will get close to what Halcyon Wander was giving the audience but also not exactly what it was. They are definitely a band with their own sound and that sound stands out in the local scene. There was something painfully real about their music and that was only magnified as the singer took a moment to remind everyone in the audience that they were needed and special. The topic of mental health is a hard one to talk about especially when on a stage but these guys did it perfectly. The raw and real emotions conveyed during their quick preach about everyone’s lives having a purpose was matched only by the emotions in the music which lead to a truly impressive and powerful set. I have my eyes on these guys. They have all of the makings of the next big band to break out of this local scene."  - Girl At The Rock Shows



Ryan McMahan


(615) 775-4307




Andy Davis, Bass & Sequencing

​Brian Elliott, Vocals

Jason Law, Guitar & Vocals

Nate Krause, Drums


Jericho Guitars



Brandon Mills

Fallen Sparrow Studios


Lauren Leaseburg



Ben Drake



Andy Davis, Bass & Sequencing

​Brian Elliott, Vocals

Jason Law, Guitar & Vocals

Nate Krause, Drums

Andrew Webb, Drums



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